10 Superfoods for Weight Loss

Superfood for weight loss # 1: Green Tea
This steamy sip hydrates like water, which can help you fill out and lose a few pounds. In addition, the antioxidants in green tea burn fat and calories burned. One study found that five cups a day can help you lose twice as much weight on it around its center.

Superfood for weight loss # 2: Lenses
Lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber filling. A half-cup serving provides 3.4 grams of resistant starch, a carbohydrate that stimulates healthy metabolism and burns fat.

Superfood for weight loss # 3: Bananas
A half cup of cooked bananas packages about 3 grams of resistant starch, a carbohydrate that stimulates healthy metabolism and burns fat.

Superfood for weight loss # 4: Eggs
Egg bad reputation when it comes to weight loss. However, the basic breakfast is full of proteins that curb your appetite. One study found that overweight women who ate the egg breakfast lost twice as much weight as women who started their days with bagels.

And do not worry about cholesterol: The study found that consumption of eggs does not have high cholesterol or bad cholesterol, low good bagel eaters.

Superfood for Weight Loss # 5: Grapefruit
Even if you change nothing else about your diet, eat half a grapefruit before each meal can help you lose up to a pound a week!

Bitter fruit compound can decrease insulin, a hormone fat storage, which can lead to weight loss. It is also a good source of protein, and it is at least 90% water, you can fill you so you eat less.

Superfood for weight loss # 6: Pears
Only one pear packs 15% of your recommended daily intake of fiber. One study found that women who ate three pears a day consumed fewer calories and lost more weight than those who did not. Ditch and the peeler, skin is hiding around the fiberfill!

Superfood for weight loss # 7: Broccoli
Raw or cooked, this cruciferous vegetable is well known for his powers of cancer prevention, but with a fiber filling and less than 30 calories per serving, which is required to prevent weight problems too.

Superfood for weight loss # 8: Lawyers
There is no reason to be afraid of eating fats, as they are the good fats.

Oleic acid, a compound of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) lawyers, can trigger your body to hunger really quiet. Stick to a quarter or half an avocado and see that melt belly fat. Creamy Fruit is full of fiber and protein.

Superfood for weight loss # 9: Black beans
A cup of black beans packs a whopping 15 grams of satisfying protein and contains no saturated fat sources of protein such as red meat.

Superfood for weight loss # 10: Salmon
Sources of lean protein helps you feel full without adding fat. However, 50% of 18-50 women do not know if they are getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Increase your intake of salmon, this is a more lean red meat and full of MUFA to start. A 2001 study found that dieters to eat a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids have lost an average of nine pounds, while their counterparts in the low-fat diet increased an average of 6.

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